Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sweat dripping off your face, Eye of the Tiger blaring in your ears: Goodtimes!

What a workout!!!  It was really tough to begin with though, I think perhaps it was something to do with the fact that I ate a small bit of chicken with thai sauce, stir fry veg and a tablespoon of noodles about 1 hour before which I know was bad, but unfortunately it happened...  It was literally only a few mouthfuls, but I think I'm going to try and work out what I have eaten before the workout when I have a really good one (by which I mean I feel energised!).

I started off on the cross trainer, a low level for 20 minutes.  I thought I was actually going to die.  There was no way I could increase the level at all like I usually do, I just had to get through it.

Then I moved on to the weight machines and I felt like I had no energy at all!  Now if there had been a reason for it, overly tired/maybe getting ill etc, I would have only done a short work out, but there was no reason for it at all, so I didn't want to do a short work out else I'd get home and feel like I should have done more.  I decided to just do the compound muscles so that I got the most for my money :) and then did some abs work.

Then I went back on the treadmill and suddenly the energy was back!!!  I did some walking up hills, increments of 3% (from 6%-15%) for 30 seconds and back to 6% for 1 minute.  I did that for 10 minutes and then 2 x 5 minute runs and then cooled down with some gentle walking.  I was sweating buckets, but felt GREAT!!!!  Then I did loads of stretching which felt really good. 

There's been a few people saying recently how they don't seem to be pushing themselves to the max and walking to my car, I did feel like I could have done more, but sitting here now, I feel knackered!  I don't tend to push myself 100% as I want to last more than 1 minute, but hopefully this is something that I can work towards.

So what do you all eat before exercise?  And how do you get through a tough workout?


  1. It certainly is something you can work towards, I think once you know how much is required of you .... then you know how much you can give.

    I try give 100% of myself in all my exercise, but I have an idea of the classes I'm doing now and can. When I structure a home secession I either focus on weight or endurance and push as far if not further than in a structured environment.

  2. Yeah that's a good point, speed vs endurance or weight vs endurance. Thanks!