Sunday, 16 January 2011


So today was actually quite a hard day diet and fitness wise.  Last night I went out for an amazing dinner with my family to celebrate my mum's birthday (I saved my exercise calories last week in preparation and used some from today) and had a goats cheese soufle for starters, duck with dauphinoise potatoes and some lovely green veg for main and an amazing pavlova for dessert (plus a couple of glasses of bubbly) - it was delicious!!!  But I think the heavy meal did play havoc with me today.

Firstly, my exercise this morning was hard (harder than normal)!  I did 20 mins of Nell McAndrew's Ultimate challenge DVD (great DVD!), 20 mins of weights and 20 more minutes of Nell.  Plus at the end, I did 4 x 30 second on the spot sprints with 30 seconds rest in between as I was reminded about HIIT again recently when my sister saw it on the One Show.  The exercise nearly killed me and I've felt pretty shattered for the rest of the day. 

The rest of the day has been pretty dull as I've been doing some Uni work and the weather has been lousy, and I think the combination of all that has just made me want to eat!!  I even ate ice cream today which I rarely do anymore (I stopped eating sugar unintentionally a few months ago), then I had some toast and cheese as a snack....

Dinner tonight is salmon with some potatoes and veg and as long as I don't eat anything else, I should still be within my calorie allowance for the day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be easier as I'm at Uni all day and so find it much easier when I'm busy.

Exercise cals: 700
Food cals: 1384 (as long as I don't eat anything extra!)

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