Monday, 17 January 2011


Why is it Mondays always seem such bad days?  I think partly it's because I don't get as much sleep as I go to bed later on a Sunday than Mon-Thurs, but that's not surprising.  Then it didn't help when I went to my car and discovered that my wing mirror had been snapped off (and not in a way that it can just be slotted back on, it will need a mechanic), however food wise, I seem to have been alright today.

The good thing about Monday (for balance) is that I have a pretty full day of lectures and so don't get bored which I find can sometimes be a trigger for overeating.  But I do get tired on Mondays and so my motivation to do exercise is pretty much zilch.  And this is where I really struggle, finding the energy to do exercise when I have a full day.  It was the same when I was working, it was so hard to find the energy to do exercise after working all day and I just cannot seem to get up earlier to do it in the morning.  However, I'm hoping to get a part time job soon which will mean less free time and once I finish my degree, no doubt I will have the same issues then.  So I need to get into the habit of making the time to do exercise even if I'm a bit tired.

I have just posted on Weight Loss Resources, (which I use to log all my food and exercise), that my only exercise this evening will be to get my duvet from upstairs and watch telly, but I think I might do my 30 Day Shred DVD first as this is only 20 minutes long and anyone can find 20 minutes!!!  Sometimes it is mind over matter with me, but excuses is what got me overweight in the first place, so even though I am much better than I used to be, there is still room for improvement and not listening to my excuses will be a good improvement I think!

Hmm, I feel much better now after writing this!

Food cals: 1300
Exercise: To do 20 mins of 30 day Shred!

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