Friday, 21 January 2011

Sunny Friday

I feel so much better since setting my targets and seem to have definitely found my motivation again :)

I went for the Wk1 WO2 C25K run today and it was beautiful.  It was so sunny and crisp, it made me go past where I was due to turn back just to be able to keep looking at the view.  In my limited experience of running, this is always the part which I think makes running or walking outside far exceed the gym.  I still love the gym as it is convenient etc, but it can't compete when it comes to the location :)

What is your favourite part about the exercise you do?

But I am off to the gym this afternoon.  This is an unscheduled gym session, but because the C25K programme only requires 20 mins at the moment, and I don't want to exceed it and push it too far to fast, I am going to go to the gym to burn more calories and do some weights (plus I love the buzz you get from a good workout).

I have found this amazing gym in Plymouth, although am just a pay as you go member at the moment.  It's fairly new so the equipment is all great, but what I love most is that the weight machines are really well laid out and grouped in which parts of the body they work (e.g. all the arm stuff together, all back and chest together, legs together etc).  It just makes the workout so much easier, because you can just work around the pods and you know that you are getting a full body workout.  Also, as there are so many machines, you never have to wait. 

So I am thinking about joining this gym and leaving my Uni gym which is small and which I rarely go to as it's always packed and I hate the weights area.  However I wouldn't be able to afford £30 per month for this new gym, but they have an offer on at the moment, £250 for the year which works out at £20 per month which is much more affordable and I do have the cash at the moment to pay for it.

However, I am scared that I won't use it for the whole year as I've signed up to gyms in the past and then not gone very quickly.  Although that was when I was in a very different stage in my life, binging, not eating healthily, not very happy etc.  Plus my sister has signed up to this gym and she is very motivated.  The offer is on till the end of Jan, so I've got a few more days to mull it over.

Have many of you signed up to a years membership?

Yesterday was my rest day, but still had some spare calories from exercise from the days before, so treated myself to a flapjack.  My nutrition profile wasn't very good yesterday as I try to limit my carbs to 40%, eat more protein and each as many good fats as possible as opposed to bad ones but yesterday's profile was 53/9/38.  However since Jan first, my average profile has been 36/19/42 and I think averages are much more important than the odd blip.

Hope you all have a good day!  

Food cals yesterday: 1825
Exercise: 0


  1. Hello! I've just stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say hi :) I've recently started my own health and fitness blog and it's lovely to find other UK bloggers with the same interests. Looking forward to reading more of your updates :)

  2. Hi Bronagh!
    I thought that by blogging, it may also keep me more accountable :) I like reading others blogs and get a lot of inspiration from them, so hopefully someone might find some parts of my blog useful aswell!