Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I had a mini fitness breakdown yesterday, I was feeling quite despondent as I couldn't see my fitness improving and seemed to be losing motivation very quickly!

I posted on Weight Loss Resources and the lovely people there gave me some really good advice and one thing which I think I definitely need to do is to set some targets and create a training plan.

So.... I have entered the Great West 5k run in May and so will be starting the C25k training programme tomorrow in preparation.  I will stick to this training plan regardless of whether it's raining or not!

In addition, I will be going to the gym 2x per week and either do just weights, or other cardio such as the rower or cross trainer and weights.

I think that having this target will be very beneficial for me.

Today food wise I've been within calorie allowance, although the type of food has not been great as it included a toastie and a chelsea bun!  Tomorrow I have a day off Uni, so will be able to eat nice healthy food tomorrow :)

Calories: 1572
Exercise: 30 mins exercise DVD: 239 cals

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