Sunday, 23 January 2011


So this weekend involved quite a lot of drinking as I was out both Friday and Saturday night.  To be honest, I don't actually like drinking too much, 3-4 is fine for me as means I can get a bit tipsy and still function the next day, however Friday night involved a few more drinks than that and I was definitely worse for wear on Saturday.

And hangovers are the reason why I don't like drinking (plus the fact that sometimes I'm a bit of an idiot when drunk...).  Our friends were down still on Saturday so we took them to see the sights and they are a lot of fun, so it made me forget my hangover, but often when I have a hangover, it means that I don't do anything productive, don't do any exercise and often spend the day feeling sorry for myself. 

Then because I was out again Saturday night, even though I only had a couple of drinks, I was soooo tired today that I just couldn't do anything.  And I had planned a session in the gym, but that went out of the window and often when I'm hungover, I tend to feel quite low so it's been a pretty rubbish day today.

It also meant that foodwise, it's been a pretty bad couple of days.  Even though I had earned a lot of exercise calories during the week, it has still taken me about 500 calories over for the week (I'm on 1300 cals per day).  Whilst 500 calories shouldn't do too much damage, this did include eating all my exercise calories and I sometimes worry that the exercise calories are not that accurate even with my HRM as it gives me a lot of calories!

Friday: 2480 cals (only 54 over for the day due to exercise).
Saturday: 2273 cals (900 over for the day as no exercise undertaken!).
Sunday: 1316 cals.

The calories add up so easily and unfortunately I like to drink cider which is very calorific!  I do tend to move onto spirits and lemonade later, but they are still pretty bad!  Although I don't drink too often, so shouldn't worry I suppose, life has to go on!  I don’t like to drink spirits all night though because I find I am less affected when drinking cider.

We then went to Wetherspoons on Saturday and they now have leaflets in the restaurants with all the nutritional information so you can use this to make your decision at the time!  It was great!  Another blogger was discussing eating out and nutritional info recently and I think it is so helpful that more companies are now providing this information.  I had a delicious flatbread with houmous and roasted veg which was yummy!  I did also get a mocha, but it was disgusting!  So sweet!  So I didn't drink it (I did take it back and they gave me a new one which was better, but I think they use a syrup there and I just didn't like it).  I have found that I seem to have naturally stopped eating so much sugar and so when I do have something sweet, it can be quite overpowering!

So this week’s exercise plan is as follows:

Monday –        am: C25k wk 2 session.
                        Pm: Gym
Tuesday –        Rest day (starting a new bar job!), but will try to go for a walk
Wednesday – am: C25k wk 2 session.
                        Pm: Gym
Thursday –      Rest day
Friday –           am: C25k wk 2 session.
                        Pm: Gym
Saturday –       Walk or surf
Sunday –         Gym

Am looking forward to that!  What are your plans for the week?  Hope you all have fun!


  1. Hello :)
    I saw your blog on WLR so came for a look! My plans for this week are pretty samey- run today, aerobics tomorrow, run wednesday, body pump thursday, and run saturday :)
    Hope your plan goes well this week

  2. I've just started running and am following the C25k plan which is going well so far. How long have you been running for?